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Base Causes For Starting-Up Activism

Activist identify the cause, volunteers serve the cause, community organizers rally for the cause & hero's are the ones celebrated for the cause.  Samuel Herbert was so appalled by an under reflective bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that he took action. He took action by launching a strong petition drive to do a re-rendering of the bust. (MLK park in Buffalo, New York)
A group of activist in Detroit responded to the murder of an unarmed customer at a local gas station. They responded with a protest, demands for new ownership and calls for justice.

Eddie Carvery of Nova Scotia's "Africville" area became so impacted by the discrimination and land grab targeting the areas residents that he refused to leave Africville after the City of Halifax destroyed his family home. Since 1970 he has maintained a presence in Africville, signaling his dissent and educating visitors from all over the world about the Africville diaspora. Mr. Carvery’s protest is the longest civil right…