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Support For New Activism Start-Up CEO's Official Service Mark Was Born:

My First Detroit Youth Group was started in 1972to distribute circulars that promoted voting and the election of Coleman A. Young as Mayor of the city of Detroit. The same 13-people from the circular distribution group later joined what we called The People Organization which was founded at the end of 1972. 

I started The Highland Park Hockey Clubin 1974 to be Michigan’s first African-American founded ice hockey player development initiative. (As seen in the Detroit News Tuesday August 23, 1977), (As seen in the Detroit News July 10, 1981 by Terry Cabell), (As seen in the Detroit Free Press August 15, 1985), including Detroit TV-2, Detroit TV-4, Michigan Chronicle and WCHB 1200am Radio in Detroit.  (Minimum Hours Contributed 3000)
I started The National Soc-hockey Leagueas a one-on-one sport & league. The league initially was a fund raising tool to help Detroit based ice hockey players. It later be…