How Activism Starts Volunteerism

The Individual and/or group experiences are the start-up cause for activism. Normally upon awareness our first response will include a display of indifference to having the experience in the first place. Because models of addressing our claims are politically chosen the responses will vary, and be dis articulate.The response chosen is the pivot forward for organizing to solve the problem. Usually our response will seek to incorporate our 1st party claims, google in search of efforts and know how that can promote reducing or stopping recurrence of the experience. Advocates at this point will attempt to manage resources and directions to change the policies that caused or allowed the experience to occur in the first place.  Activist identify the cause, volunteers serve the cause, community organizers rally for the cause & hero's are the ones celebrated for the cause. 

Feature of a Smart Organizing Movement 1

The smart movement has a pre-organized mutual agreement to have communication exchange with each member or follower. “This is smart because communication is intended to define the shared narrative. The Fair and equal, sharing and receiving, of 1st party claims between the mutually agreeing is quality communication. Yes? CEO & His Volunteerism & Activism

Ricky L. Robertson at 2 Rick at 9 in 1966 At age 11 I attended My first political education meeting. That meeting was an experience in learning where and how I was situated in the social, economic and political narrative of America. The neighborhood I lived in was filled with a lot of self-directed maturing, exploitation and intimidation. I started attending political education classes as an escape from the lack of thinking that permeated my environment. As I took in the insights and experiences that others were having I acquired the desire to share and contrast my newly found beliefs with others. My choices were between political studies and facing an increasingly hostile environment in my community so the choice was easy.  I found the hours of listening, learning and contrasting the views of others to be thought provoking.  Rick at 12 Rick at 14
My Detroit Youth Group was started in 1972to distribute circulars that promoted voting and the election of Coleman A. Young as Mayor of the city…